About Marc

Hi there !

I’m a free-lance journalist who lived and worked most of his life in the Afrikan Great Lakes Region. Countries like Congo, Rwanda and Burundi have became my second home after having covered the Rwandan genocide in 1994 and the following wars in the DRC.   I rarely cover hard news in the area nowadays. The international press left the region big time after 9/11. A free-lancer can not survive in the DRC when he’s just covering hard news. But I’m still in close contact with most of the people I worked with during all those years.  And it would be wrong not to share some of this information with the outside world.

The situation in the region is very complex and everybody can make a mistake. But by writing down  my findings and impressions I hope I can  contribute to a better understanding of the place….  I’m writing on this blog in English and sometimes I’ll probably not have enough time to edit my texts properly.  So I want to appologise in advance for my poor writing skills in English. I hope the info I’ll provide will make up for this.


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